Gary Pettit here and I’m CEO and founder of Spiker Media Services
…. an incredible suite of online tools and trending blog content that helps
individuals, online marketers and business owners get noticed quickly.

Since the early 1990’s I’ve always had an overwhelming desire for entreprenuership and
helping others find solutions with online marketing, creating and bringing the best options to their attention.

This started  back in 1991 with Ebay when I would create and code
“Pocket PC” programs for this hugely popular piece of technology at the time. Since then,
things have changed…we no longer have “Pocket PC’s” but we have “Smart Phones” and
a whole new level of connecting with others through social media.

I’m extremely proud of my creation of Spiker Media Services and would love the opportunity
to connect with you or provide any possible solutions that could benefit you and your business
moving forward with social media.

Throughout my professional career (over 20 years of experience), I’ve worked to make a
difference in my community. I’m also passionate and strong in my ability to build and
sustain relationships. From developing successful Social Media E-books and training courses
to running a prominent enterprise, I have a clear understanding of vision in business and
helping others to simplify marketing solutions.

Feel free to reach me any time at: SpikerMedia@mail.com

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