Are You Ready to Video Like A Rockstar?

Are you camera shy? Uncomfortable seeing yourself on video? Not sure how to use the technology?

Whatever is holding you back, I’m here to help!

About the Program:
I developed this 3 week program that is part mastermind, part online training. It’s a safe place where you can learn, practice and grow on video, with the support of me and other like-minded women in business in a private Facebook group. We connect daily with assignments and we practice making videos.

Register for my mastermind/training program. It starts on Monday!

Here’s what some of my students say about the program:

Register for my mastermind/training program. It starts on Monday!


“What I liked most about the Video Like a Rockstar Masterclass was being in a closed group of highly supportive women, encouraging each other along the way. As a result, I felt safe to push myself out of my comfort zone and go on video.” -Deborah Kay

“In this program you will be given daily assignments, encouragement, technology lessons and the best part, accountability! Madalyn is there every step of the way along with your fellow rockstars.” -Anne Dorn Di Vitto

“This course with Madalyn Sklar is AWESOME! It’s got everything you need to know about getting yourself out there on video, coupled with learning, and support with a like minded group of women who all have different businesses. I can’t say enough about this course.” -Robin Brock

“Madalyn is ahhhh-mazing when it comes to helping you overcome your reservations. She doesn’t tell you to “get over it”—instead she guides you on how to get comfy with video in a no-pressure, natural way.” -Meghan Monaghan

“After completing the program, I am more confident being on camera and more knowledgeable technically. Not only that, but I connected with such an inspiring, encouraging group of members who I also watched grow leaps and bounds in this program.” -Linda Garnett

“The Video Like a Rockstar course offers a winning combination of: confidence building exercises, technical know-how, a supportive leader and community! I’d highly recommend the course.” -Nicole Osborne

“If you know that you need to be doing more on video for your business but you don’t know where to start, this is the place. Madalyn gave us so many resources and challenges but also so much of her time and support.” -Cathy Wassell

“Thank you, Madalyn, for being a wonderful teacher. The class is excellent, and you’re the right combination of encourager and driver — a great teacher! Your caring for your students beams from your great smile!” -Carol Buchanan

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