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How to Use Facebook Ads to Distribute Your Content

Ever had that sinking feeling? You hit the publish button and … Nothing. Tumbleweed. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are countless ways to get eyes on your content. However, Facebook is one of the most powerful. Best thing? Promoting your content ...Read More

6 Helpful Facebook Groups for WordPress Developers

Part of what makes working with WordPress so much fun is that you get much more than a free, open source CMS. You also become part of a tremendously welcoming and helpful community. Information regarding just about any aspect of the software you want ...Read More

Facebook is testing augmented reality ads in the News Feed

You’ll soon be able to try on sunglasses and buy them without ever leaving your Facebook app. SEE ALSO: Facebook ‘split memes’ are driving everyone crazy The social media company announced Tuesday that it’s beginning to test augmented reality advertisements in the News Feed.  ...Read More

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