How to Quickly Make a Professional Graphic for Your Business

How to Quickly Make a Professional Graphic for Your Business

Learn how to make a stand-out graphic to advertise a sale or special promotion with the easy-to-use tools in our online photo editor. It only takes a few simple steps!

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In this quick tutorial, we’ll cover how to create an instagram post to promote your business. All it takes is a great image, the right copy, and bold text to get to the finished product. We’ll use a furniture sale as an example, but these steps will work for any imagery and any business.

Pay special attention to the text. You can transform an advertisement with lively text in the right colors, and our online photo editor makes that even easier with tons of options for typefaces, fonts, colors, and the new text templates feature. This feature lets you select from a range of pre-designed templates for headlines, subheadlines, and body text, so all you have to do is change the copy!

Step 1: Set Design Dimensions

In Shutterstock Editor you can change the canvas size in just one click. Head over to the Preset Sizes (P) tab to choose from a few digital media presets.

I’ll choose the instagram Post preset size at 1080 x 1080 pixels to create my fall furniture sale advertisement. You can also easily customize your dimensions by heading over to the Canvas Size panel and saving your presets.

Step 2: Insert Background

To match the theme of a fall furniture sale, I’m looking for an image of furniture, preferably featuring some fall colors. Use the Search (S) tool to browse Shutterstock’s collection. I found this perfect picture of modern furniture in fall-friendly jade tones.

How to Make a Professional Business Graphic

Hit Replace Background to bring the image onto your canvas. Then move it around or resize it until it’s positioned how you like.

Step 3: Add and Modify Text

Now that I have the perfect picture, it’s time to add the text. Add headlines and subheadlines to your design with the Text (A) tool. Save headlines for the event or promo name, and subheadlines for the details. Remember that larger text is read first, then smaller text follows.

I chose Work Sans for the headline. It’s a modern font that matches the message.

How to Make a Professional Business Graphic – Add Text

Sticking to the same font for the subheadline, I drag out the text box to make sure the text fits on two, easy-to-read lines.

How to Make a Professional Business Graphic – Add Text

If you don’t feel like choosing, customizing, and positioning text on your own, you can use the new text templates in Shutterstock Editor. These pre-designed styles take the guesswork out of typography with a variety of templates to fit any type of graphic.

Step 4: Tie Everything Together

Now I just need to put some finishing touches on the design to make sure it looks polished. That can mean adding lines to separate the text, or a transparent overlay to make everything softer. I’ll just change up the font color to match the image and imbue more of the fall tone.

How to Make a Professional Business Graphic

When you’re all set, hit the Download button at the top of the screen to license and download your design.

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