My Simple Strategy: How I Organically Grew My Instagram Account (Part 2)

Four easy tips I use to organically grow my Instagram account, take better photos, and get real followers without following hundreds of other accounts!


I’ve always loved chick flicks, the cute movies with a romance woven through the storyline that usually result in happy endings. Although not in my top ten favorites, “The Princess Diaries” still holds a special spot in my heart—partially because it was filmed in San Francisco, less than an hour away from where I grew up!

Partway through the film, the main character’s grandmother, who just happens to be the queen of a European country, chastises Mia (the main character!) for photos of her and a boy appearing on the front page of the newspaper, underneath the headline “The Princess is a Party Girl!”

“A picture’s worth a thousand words,” the queen says. “And you have two pictures.”

While that scene isn’t the least bit romantic, that line always stood out to me.

A picture is worth a thousand words…

And you probably have an Instagram account full of pictures…

But what kinds of words are they?

Are your picture’s one thousand words the equivalent of Shakespeare… Or a second grader learning about paragraphs for the first time? A doctor’s messy scrawl… Or beautiful calligraphy?

When I stopped to think about my own Instagram account while ago, I realized I had a mix of both. Many gorgeous photos from my blog… Interspersed with random low-quality snapshots from my phone with poor lighting, hazy filters, and subjects not always fully in focus.

As soon as I stopped posting the low-quality photos and focused solely on sharing beautiful photos of my blog’s recipes, I saw a huge change. Everything increased: followers, likes, comments… You name it!

So I’m giving you tips on how to improve your Instagram photos as Part 2 of this Instagram Growth Series!

If you missed the Part 1 from last week, you can find that here! And if you want to learn even more, I’m hosting a FREE webinar! You can sign up here. Seating is limited, so I don’t want you to miss out!

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