Pinterest Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business

Pinterest is being used more and more to reach out to consumers. Basic use of this social media site is helpful, but special tools can improve your visibility and the consumer’s experience. Familiarize yourself with useful tools to become more efficient and effective on the site.

Tools on Site

On the Pinterest site itself there are several good tools for posting and managing content. These are found on the Goodies section of the site. They include:

· Pin It Button: This can be inserted into your website to encourage visitors to share your page.

· Follow Button: Putting a follow button on a website allows users to create a more lasting connection with you if they choose.

· Pinterest for Mobile Devices: This social media platform can be connected to iPads, iPhones and Android mobile devices so you can use the site on the go.

· Tag Business Locations: This tool allows you to use your mobile device to pin locations and activities to your virtual bulletin board.

Analytical Sites

Some sites have been established to measure Pinterest connections and effectiveness. These are third party sites that work with the social media platform for the benefit of businesses.

· PinPuff and PinReach: These sites provide in-depth analytics to help you gauge your influence and clout.

· PinAlerts: This site lets you know when people are repining, liking and commenting on your visual content.

· Pinerly: Pinerly provides a marketing dashboard that displays useful information to the business owner such as clickthroughs, repins and likes for marketing campaigns.

Content Creation

Pinterest is practically worthless if you do not create compelling visual content. Several sites help you do just that.

· Pinstamatic: This service can increase your influence and improve your posts by allowing you to add links to your Twitter profile and websites to your Pinterest boards.

· PinaQuote and ShareAsImage: These sites make it easy to turn a quote into an attractive image for pinning.

· and Snapito: Use these sites to attach entire webpages and websites to your pins.

· Pinvolve: Pinvolve increases the ability and ease of connecting with your followers on Facebook.

· WordPress Plugin: This lets you insert a Pin It Button to your WordPress blog to connect more easily to blog users.

Pinterest marketing tools can greatly enhance the discoverability of your content. It can help you understand your followers. Best of all, it can help you improve your website quickly and easily. Pinterest has a great potential for improving your business, so it makes sense to use it to your full advantage.

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