The branding industry sees blogging as a great medium and as a key component of their marketing strategy. Aside from being a powerful tool, blogs on branding are also great online resources for those who want to reach a higher level of branding knowledge and awareness. If you want to be a branding guru, you should definitely start your own branding blog to help others as well as promote your services.



We’ve searched through the web and we’ve carefully curated a list of the top branding blogs around. You can explore these blogs to get some inspiration and get a feel of how a great branding blog works.

1) Branding Strategy Insider

Branding Strategy Insider has been recognized by brand marketers and educators all over the world as the leading source of insight, inspiration and innovation, uncovering the ideas and techniques of the thought leaders and practitioners driving brand leadership today.

The blog readers gain key insights into the critical areas shaping brand management. Including brand strategy, brand storytelling, brand culture, brand architecture, big data, brand marketing, brand equity, brand research, brand growth, pricing strategy, brand licensing, building emotional connections and customer experience. Their goal is simply to help marketing oriented leaders and professionals build strong brands.


2) World Branding Forum

The World Branding Forum is a registered global non-profit organization. And their aims and activities are to advance standards in the branding industry for the good of the industry as well as consumers. This includes all those involved in the branding community, primarily those who work in the branding, design, marketing, advertising, public relations and communications disciplines worldwide.

In particular, the organization’s objectives are to advance the skills and education of all those involved in the branding and related industries. The World Branding Forum produces, manages and supports a wide range of programs covering research, development, education, recognition, networking, and outreach.


3) Brand Channel

Brand Channel is an Award-winning blog about all things branding. It was launched in Feburary 2000, they offer original news, commentary and analysis from their journalists, along with outside contributions, questions and answers with leading practitioners and more.

Providing a global perspective on brands, they encourage an open exchange of brands and branding from practitioners around the world. Brand Channel is an independent, unique voice that welcomes contributions from the branding community at large.


4) Personal Branding Blog – Dan Schawbel

The Personal Branding Blog is your number one resource for personal branding online. The Personal Branding Blog offers career, workplace, networking, management, entrepreneurship advice and resources from Dan Schawbel and his team of experts.

In this digital age, your brand name is your only currency and by taking the first step of reading this blog and consuming the information provided, you will have a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The content provided on this blog includes podcasts, interviews with experts, insightful articles, research reports, games and much more, for all your personal branding needs.


5) Motto

Blog owners, Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger met as teens in a Chicago snowball fight, grew up together, went to college together, and in their early twenties started Motto in 2005. For over a decade, the dynamic pair has built a gangbuster agency with an incredible team. They also teach leaders how to stand out, think differently, and lead bold brands.

Motto is a branding and digital agency with offices in New York and Dallas. They work with ambitious leaders and companies who are eager to build magnetic brands. Each year, they serve a diverse group of clients, from established, global companies wanting to evolve into innovative entrepreneurs launching the next generation of beloved brands.


6) Sticky Branding

Sticky Branding is a strategic branding and business development consultancy. They work with you to grow your brand and dramatically improve sales performance. Over the past decade, blog owner, Jeremy Miller and the Sticky Branding team have researched how small and mid-sized companies stand out, drive sales, and grow their brands.

They have embarked on a comprehensive research study to uncover best practices, collect stories, and validate how companies grow Sticky Brands. Since 2005 they have interviewed and profiled hundreds of companies across dozens of industries. You can draw on their expertise and research to grow your brand, and develop branding and marketing strategies that deliver measurable results.


7) HALO Branded Solutions

HALO is a global leader of promotional solutions, combining creativity, innovation and the most sophisticated technology for dynamic results. With top-quality products, over six decades of branding expertise and efficient operational processes, HALO offers unmatched reliability and unique solutions for every client, on every project.

HALO employs 300 corporate service team members with decades of knowledge and experience who support the over 500 creative and resourceful Account Executives across the nation who focus on implementing effective marketing solutions for over 40,000 satisfied clients each year.


8) Truly Deeply

Truly Deeply a brand engagement agency that combines the science of brand strategy with beautifully crafted execution to build compelling brands that truly connect with audiences. They are passionate and get excited by the opportunity to build new and entrepreneurial brands every day.

They believe that design should have a strategic foundation underpinned by your business and brand strategy. Brands that are beautifully crafted have a powerful strategic intent. They work with clients in Australia, New Zealand and across Asia Pacific.


9) We First Branding

We First is a brand leadership firm that provides strategic consulting and training to transform companies into purposeful social brands. By ensuring companies tell the story of the good work they do internally and externally, they position brands for rapid growth, social impact and cultural leadership.

We First is a mindset, practice, and movement that ensures businesses do well by doing good. It stands in contrast to a ‘Me First’ mentality that does not deliver the business growth, community engagement or social impact that brands and their communities want. It is inspired by the global challenges we face, the social technologies we use and the human values we share. It motivates all stakeholders in a brand community to work together to build its business and a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous world.


10) Atomic Dust

Atomic Dust is a branding, interactive and marketing agency in St. Louis, MO offering expertise in brand strategy, social media, print and web design. Since 2001, they have helped their clients solve problems through solid positioning, clear messaging and beautiful design. They believe that every brand deserves the chance to be amazing, regardless of the complexity of its market or industry.

They don’t see websites, logos, taglines, promotions or social media as “the answer.” To them, the answer lies in helping a client discover what their brand is and how to express it in new ways and then using the web, print and other select platforms to deliver the message.


Having your own blog is having a platform that’s totally within your control. Whether you already have a huge goal in mind or whether you just want to test the waters and see where blogging takes you, starting right and starting smart is a big advantage.

What are the basic requirements for starting a blog? Well, all you need is a domain name, a hosting plan, and a strategy to create content.

After choosing a domain name, decide on a cost-effective and reliable hosting plan. For this, we highly recommend Bluehost. 


By Gary Pettit

Gary Pettit is CEO and founder of Spiker Media Services …. an incredible suite of online tools and trending blog content that helps individuals, online marketers and businesses get noticed quickly. (Done For You Social Media Solutions) (Free Video and System that Makes Your Content Viral) (Done For You SEO Solutions) (Current Up to Date Posting on Social Media Marketing) Since the early 1990’s he's always had an overwhelming desire for entreprenuership and helping others find solutions to helpful things, creating them and bringing it to their attention. This started way back in 1991 with Ebay when he would create and code “Pocket PC” programs for this hugely popular piece of technology at the time. Since then things have changed…we no longer have “Pocket PC’s” but we have “Smart Phones” and a whole new level of connecting with others through social media. He's extremely proud of his creation of Spiker Media Services and would love the opportunity to connect with you or provide any possible solutions that could benefit you or your business moving forward with social media. Throughout his professional career (over 20 years of experience), he's worked to make a difference in his community. He's also passionate and strong in his ability to build and sustain relationships. From developing successful Social Media E-books and training courses to running a prominent enterprise, Gary has a clear understanding of vision in business and helping others to simplify marketing solutions.


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